Meet Homer

I'd like you to meet Homer our resuce dog. We adopted Homer one Saturday when the area Shelter was having an adoption day at the Market on the Greens. He had been turned in to the shelter by his owner who had recently been diagnosed with cancer and was no longer able to care for him. He is registerd and the shleter mailed us his papers and other vet information that the owner had given to them. It took a day or so to come up with a name for him. His name at the time was "Damien" which just did not fit him. After a few name tryouts my daughter suggested Homer. Turns out it was the perfect fit for him. He is so laid back and nothing bothers him. He will look at you and you just know he is thinking "well duh." He plays with our grandson who loves to wrestle with him, and Homer is a very good wrestler. He is sitting on his favorite sleeping spot in the photo. Homer is just one of our family of 5 dogs and 4 cats.
Pineville, LA