Midget Survivor

My cat Pippy was old now; she spent most of her days in a patch of sun on the snow-covered back deck. One day, I heard faint meows at the front door and looked out the window to see the tiniest fuzz ball sitting hunched over on the icy street. She looked very cold, very hungry and awfully small. For days, I set out food and watched her cautiously approach and eat as fast as she could. One day she looked to be in extreme pain; I could see large sores on her tiny back. I bought a live trap and finally caught her. The vet said she had 4 abscesses (probably coyote attack)needing intensive care and might not survive due to her condition. Ten days later, I brought her home, released her and watched her run off for dear life. Next day she was back with her shaved back demanding her dinner! Sadly, it was time for my lovely Pippy to "leave town" for kitty heaven. This was on a Thursday. Friday morning, guess who walked straight into my house? Little Midget Survivor. She decided she liked this place after all. Now, three years later, I am lucky to have a place to sit on the couch! Midge, still tiny, is learning faster and faster to trust me. She talks up a storm, loves her dog, Gladiola and we all sleep together. I am told "thank you" with at least three head butts before she eats her food while perched atop her kitty tree with a view of the world. What a brave little survivor. I am so glad she chose me.
Susanna Gascoine
Zephyr Cove, NV