This is my cat named Midnight. He is all black. He used to belong to my daughter. I had saved his life a few years ago when he had a very bad urinary infection that he almost died. He was close to death at that time and I felt that I wanted to try and save him. He pulled through that and he is on a special cat food by the vet. I took him in my home last Aug. My daughter got a pit bull that was tearing him up and chewing him up all over. My grandaughter Sam that lives with me talked to me on the yahoo messenger crying that his head was all chewed up and bleeding. And she wanted him to come and live with us. So we took him and he is a very happy cat now but when I got him here I had to put medicine on his head so his head could heal up and his fur was a real dull black and he wasn't a happy cat at all. It took him some time to get happy again and we gave him alot of love and he was treated like a baby. He is a wonderful cat but we call him the eating machine and two paws. He will eat alot of things that cats don't eat and he will get his paws and tap you for some food. I am glad I have saved him the first time and my grandaughter saved him the 2nd time. This is a very loving cat. He has to be fed 3 times a day with his canned cat food. He eats like we do 3 times a day. He loves his treats and he is so funny.
Anne Scott
Leechburg, PA