I had delivered newspapers in the country for sometime and had always seen barn cats, that would run away from me. What was even stranger, was that two weeks prior, I dreamt I found a kitten. On Oct. 17th, 2013, I was finishing the last paper and noticed something in my headlights - a small cat. I had never seen one this small out here, so I went to investigate. He ran across the road and hid behind a tree. I got out and sweetly talked to him and he bolted over to me, and started purring and rubbing against me. As I picked him, I could feel every bone in his body and he was very cold. I quickly got him into my car to warm him up, and the poor thing was so hungry, he grabbed a wrapped up granola bar and began trying to rip it open. I knocked on a few doors, but no one knew anything. I set him down to see if he'd run to where he lived, but instead he sat on my shoes, looked up at me and cried. I said "Don't worry, I'm not leaving you here". I drove home with him in my arms, while singing "You Are My Sunshine", as he purred and snuggled in. I knew in my heart that he was staying with me. Thankfully, he did not have any injuries or fleas, or diseases, and besides being so incredibly hungry, was a happy little man. (Turns out, someone dumped him and his sister out there, as one of my customers found a little female, same age and on the same day. She stayed with them!) Mikko was 5 months old then and is now almost 3 years old and is the sweetest cat anyone could ever imagine having. He is my shadow, and my little lovebug. He greets me everytime I come home. I simply cannot imagine life without him. I promised him where I go, he will go. I thought I had rescued him - turns out, he rescued me.
Saint Paul, MN