Mikko's Rescue

She came to the MAGDRL when she was 1-1/2 years old. I adopted her after my other Great Dane passed away. I was very heart broken. I read Mikko's story and thought, "There's a dog that needs someone to love her". So here's Mikko's story. Mikko was born in Kentucky. When she was a pup her owner kept her in a 8x8 room and left her out to do her business 1 hour per day. She didn't have anything to play with. The owner also clipped her ears to look like a pit bull. He wanted a mean dog to guard his property. If he would have taken some time to get to know Mikko, he would have discovered there's not a mean bone in her body. She's a very sweet girl. Anyway, because he couldn't make her mean, he took her to the ASPCA. That's where MAGDRL picked her up. So after I read her story, I told my husband that she's the one. We went to pick her up in West Virginia. She jumped right in the backseat of the car and rode like a perfect lady. When we picked her up she weighed 150 pounds and you could see her ribs. Now she's a very healthy 180 pounds. She has all the toys she would ever want and she loves running in the large yard. She teases the neighbor's dogs because she can run farther than their fence allows them. She's found her forever home. Thank you for letting me share Mikko's story. Keep up that great work you are doing.
Jamie Masser
Smithsburg, MD