Miles and Tigger

Miles, our shepherd mix, joined me on my run one cold morning about eight years ago. He had no collar or tags, and needed a home so much that he followed me for nearly 10 miles! How could I not reward such determination? I gave him some dry cat food and water. I checked around the neighborhood and read all the lost-dog notices, but I was already hooked. To my relief no one claimed him, and he became my daily running buddy. About six months later Miles and I were on our morning run. He suddenly stopped by a patch of woods, ears in the alert position. In a moment I heard what he had first noticed: the meowing of a kitten. The little cat was up a small pine tree, but he came down and, fearlessly, approached me and my 70-pound escort. Miles, no great friend of cats, seemed fascinated. Later that morning I brought the kitten some food and water, and came back the next day with a cat carrier. We adopted Tigger, and he and Miles became best buddies, often hanging out together on our back porch.
Eddie Bass
Julian, NC