Millie Saved Two Hearts

My best friend, Gracie (a rescue dog made up of much mixed heritage just like me!), died on March 3, 2008, 5 days shy of her 12th birthday. When she was 3, we rescued a 5 week old mixed breed little boy dog we named Dutch. When Gracie left us, Dutch was understandably very depressed as she had become his mother, sister, best friend, etc. I was not emotionally ready for another dog, but Dutchie was going downhill too quickly so I immediately looked online at the shelters in our area. I saw Millie's picture and loved her right away. My daughter wanted to join me to get a dog and she wanted to go to another shelter closer to her work. I agreed, even though I wanted Mille. On the way to meet my daughter, I said out loud, "Gracie, I know you will lead me to the right dog." When we reached the last cage at the very end of the last row in the shelter, there was Millie! She had been transferred to this shelter as no one would adopt her from the other because she needed to be spayed, had heartworm and was extremely timid as she had been badly abused. One week to the day that Gracie died, she led me to Millie (whom they had named Isis at the shelter)! She is now heartworm-free after treatment and has saved two hearts: Dutchie's and mine. I hope we've done at least as much for Millie. Thank you, Gracie.
Lisa Ericson
Chesapeake, VA