Min-e hidden in the basement

Several years ago my teenage son began acting furtively. Don't all teenagers at some point? I didn't think too much about it. He went to school, had a job, played video games...pretty typical stuff. But after a few days of him disappearing to his basement room for the thousandth time I asked him what was going on. He told me a friend of his had found a kitten but her parents wouldn't let her keep it. Another friend took the kitten home, but those parents objected as well. As it dawned on me that he was hiding a kitten somewhere in the house, I was struck by two conflicting thoughts. I was proud of him that he didn't just leave an animal to fend for itself, and a little dismayed that he had not come to me immediately. Maybe he thought I would take her to a shelter. But instead he introduced me to Min-e (his spelling) a blue Tortie with enormous eyes, and an enormous attitude to match. The vet has "fiesty" written on her chart (it's an understatement). But we love her, and I'm still proud of my son for being an animal advocate when many would have turned their backs on her and left her to an uncertain fate. She's pictured "helping" us prepare for hurricane Irma. Eight days without power wasn't fun, but we all made it though just fine.
Casselberry, FL