Meet Miriam! She is one of my Maine Coons. I have two littermates - Miriam and Jedediah amongst my nine cats. This is about Miriam. I found her and Jed when they were 3 weeks old. Actually some man was giving them away in front of a grocery store. He had both parents but didn't want kittens (duh!! Spay and neuter!!). So they came to live with me. Miriam is a gem, a perfect little lady. Well, not so little, she does weigh 25 lbs. But then Maine Coons run like that. She is 15 years old and I have been lucky to have known her. She has a quizzical little face and can get your goat better than any of the others. She loves to fight and the other cats pay her no mind. If you get up in her face and bob your head up and down, she follows you, doing the same thing. She makes me laugh more that anything. She can get into more things, cause the biggest racket, and get away with murder. She has these big feet, kind of like those clown shoes, and when she walks across you, you know it! But look at that face - dainty, pretty, a real lady. She just doesn't realize she's a girl. I think that's what I love about her the most - she reminds me of me when I was a kid. I was a tomboy, too! I'm betting if I gave her a baseball, she'd know what to do with it. I will always cherish her love and friendship.
grace carrin
e. stroudsburg, PA