Miss Polgara

Miss Polgara was left outside the animal shelter by her previous owner. They didn't even take the time to take her inside. The shelter staff brought her in, checked her over and listed her for adoption. Her time was running out when a friend spotted her on our company public bulletin board. Since she knew I'm a cat lover, she directed me to the post. She was listed as older, front declawed and spayed. I relayed her story to my husband and he told me if I wanted her, I could go get her. It wasn't until I got her home that we realized she's almost completely blind and deaf. But by that point, she had stolen our hearts and we've made adjustments for her disabilities. Our other three cats know that Miss Pol is special and don't bother her. Miss Pol has completely captured my husband's heart. He has declared that she is HIS cat. She is the most loving cat I've ever met. She loves to be brushed and she purrs the minute you touch her. If my friend had not jokingly pointed out Miss Pol's post, I would never have seen her and the shelter would have put her down the very next day. She has taught us that you're never too old to be loved and a good brushing is always appreciated.
Walnut, IA