Miss Rhonda

I had been without my beloved Chesapeake Bay Retriever for almost 4 years when I finally decided it was time to start looking for another dog. My friends and family could not believe I had waited so long! I always said I will find one or one will find me when the time is right...all I knew was I wanted a resuce, a female and I would name her Rhonda. One day, while looking at a Lab rescue site, I went to the very bottom of the page and there was this beautiful white Lab and her name was Rhonda! My heart skipped a beat! I drove the next day about 3 hours to meet her and went back to pick her up 4 days later after she was spayed. Her belly hung to the ground from numerous litters with no exercise in between..she had been kept in a metal crate for approximately 3-6 years (that's how old my vet surmised she was). She was the sweetest, most gentle, mellow dog you could ever meet. I had her for 10 years until she just word out and 2 years later, I still miss her more thatn words can express. Now I'm starting to look for another puppy dog to rescue, but there will never be another Rhonda!
Albuquerque, NM