Electro didn't show up to eat one morning. I knew something was wrong, he wasn't in the habit of disappearing. I started searching for him immediately, I knocked on doors, distributed pamphlets, walked and drove up and down streets calling, placed adds and responded to many false alarms before I finally found him 2 weeks and a day later, almost starved to death in tree in the back of someone's yard not far from where I lived. There was a dog underneath the tree, my brother had to get past the dog and rescue him. The sad thing is that if we didn't go into the yard to look for him we wouldn't have known. The people living there didn't care that there was a cat crying in the tree. Never stop looking if a pet goes missing. Who could think that anything could survive that long in a tree. He did have more of a liking in insects afterwards.
Bloemfontein, South Africa