One day, me and my dad were at church, and we were walking in the door. We heard a meow, so we stopped, trying to figure out where it was coming from. There was a yellow mail truck in the parking lot, and all of the sudden, a blue-gray cat jumped down from it's tire, so skinny, and so fagile-looking, it came up to us. We started petting the cat after a few seconds, and then we had to go into church. After the sermon, the cat was waiting at the door. We went back in and got a coffee-creamer. The cat lapped the creamer up like it was water in a desert. It just so happened that my grandmother had some dog food in the back of her car. It wasn't cat food, sure, but it was something. We went and got a coffee-cup full of water. The cat gulped the dog food down in a few bites, and drank some of the water. Once we got ready to leave, I called the cat over to our truck. It happily came over to me, and I picked her up, and we rode home. Misskitty, as we named her, was happy, and then she had two litters of kittens, and then her kittens had kittens, so the list of names grew to 10. All the kitties are living happily ever after.
Tyler, TX