Momma's Family

The neighbor's tom cat brought Momma to us. She was literally starving and wouldn't let us near. As she got fatter she got friendlier and eventually we could pet her. Then, she disappeared for a few weeks. We thought we'd lost her to a coyote. Six weeks later she brought a litter of 5 kittens into the yard. I worked all summer trying to get close to this little family. Three of the kitten's disappeared but the two that remained two and momma got very friendly and I was looking forward to taking them to the vet and getting the lot of them fixed. Momma got pregnant again! I named the kittens Sassy and Peanut but couldn't get close enough to Momma to get her into a carrier. Finally, in the middle of October she was so fat I was beginning to worry. I picked her up much to her dismay and brought her into the house. I gave her choice to two beds and within the hour she had a litter of three! She became a lap cat and never asked to go outside! Seven weeks later I had homes for two and we kept one and named him Bubba. Momma finally went to the vet and has become one of the sweetest cats! Our cat family grand total is six. Our two originals and Momma's family!
Barb Ward
Oregon City, OR