Motorcycle Riding Treasure Found

I was riding my Honda Rebel motorcycle with my club I used to ride with in the Hill Country area in Texas. We stopped in a tiny little town of Wimberly to rest a bit. When we were walking around we ran into a woman who had 3 puppies she said she had found on the side of the country road and was trying to find homes for them. We were all holding them. Then I was holding a quite little male with short hair and a long skinny tail and a "moment" happened. I had just lost my Golden Retriever to cancer after many years of surgery that same year, and when that puppy looked into my eyes... I had a strange feeling come over me like it was a reincarnation of his soul. I know that sounds weird, but I really felt like somehow if not through him, for him, he was telling me to take this tiny little puppy. Long story short, I ended up taking him and putting him in my leather jacket and he rode all the way home with me on my motorcycle for over an hour, and one of our other club members took his sister. We both stopped at my house before the other guy continued his ride to his house which was another hour or so away from mine as we all lived in small towns in the San Antonio area. My yellow lab was happily accepting to him and helped me teach him to be a wonderfull, gentle dog. I'm happy to say Buck turned out to be a huge,long haired, beautiful, Flat Coated Retriever and is now over 11 years old. I love him so. P.S. His sister ended up with short hair and half his size.
San Antonio, TX