Mr. Iggy

On January 5, 2009 I adopted a Pomeranian from The Albany Humane Society and we had not been aquainted 20 minutes before he ran away from me. I prayed to God that he come back but he didn't and until this day I have not heard or seen any sign of him. On January 8, 2009 I saw a dog on the Today in Georgia that looked exactly like the dog I had adopted on the 5th and I mean he looked just like my dog. They were the same color except for the one I lost was acutally darker in color but they were the same breed, sex and age and that moment I knew that it must have been ment for me to have a Pomeranian. The same morning I began calling the Lee County Animal Shelter where this dog was. I begged her not to let anybody get him but she told me that she couldn't hold him because if somebody came in with the adoption fee then she had to let him go. I started praying to God for that dog. On January 9, 2009 I called to the shelter to see if the dog was still there and he was so I told her I was on my way. My life changed that very day because the Lord had answered my prayer. I named him Iggy and he and I have been close every since that day. I truly love my Iggy, he is just like a child to me and he is very smart. I'm so glad that I saved his life and he has made a difference in mine. I thank God for my companion.
Pelham, GA