Mr. Kitty

I found Mr. Kitty living under my back porch. He had been deserted by his family and lived in the shed of the deserted house before came to my house. He came up the stairs and meowed for food. I knew if I fed him, he would be mine and I told him so. Then, I took out a can of tuna and fed him. I didn't know if he was a boy or a girl neutered or spaded. I was allergic to cats. One day he stood up with his paws on my leg and meowed to come onto my lap, so I said patted my leg and he jumped up. The next time he stood by the door and meowed to come in, so I let him in. He already knew how to use the litter box. Since it was going to be cold, I let him in a few days later. He laid down and slept for two days. Eventually, I took him to the vet because he got in a fight. He was nipped but not bit. I didn't know if he had shots and the vet had to report him to the state. I had to keep him in confinement for six months to see if he had rabies before he could get shots. Finally, I got him shots. He was already neutered and was about two years old. I kept him with me. My allergy to cats even went away. He was the smartest and best cat I ever had. I had him only two years. He was hit by a car and I had to put him to sleep. I miss him so much, but I wouldn't have missed being his mommy for the world.
Arlene Gilmore
Wilmington, DE