Mr. Milo

On July 11, 2014 I was on the phone with my husband. His worker was coming out of a house in Brooklyn, down the driveway, when my husband said to him "what is that following you?" I told him to bring it home, no matter what it is (we have 3 dogs and 2 cats). He told me it was a very sick kitten, probably 4 weeks old, with a deformed jaw (could that be why his mom left him?). Well of course hubby brought him home and the next day at the vet appointment we found out that not only did he have a deformed jaw, but he had an upper respiratory infection, eye infection in both eyes and a slight neurological disorder. My husband named him Milo and as the next day was hubby's birthday, he said "God sent me a birthday present!" Because of the other animals, Milo spent his first month here living in the basement with our daughter. He was very happy and with medications he was getting healthy and putting on weight. When he was finally introduced to the other animals, the other 2 cats hated him (and still do), and 2 of the dogs couldn't be bothered with him, but 1 dog, Apollo, the puppy of the group at only 10 months old, old fell in love with Milo. And so it began, months of Milo and Apollo doing the most adorable things together - sleeping together, playing, play fighting, they were inseparable - most of which was photographed or videoed for facebook - and they became a facebook sensation among our friends. While my husband feels that God sent Milo to him as a birthday present, Milo loves me and loves to curl up next to me in bed to sleep every night.
Barbara Barker
Smithtown, NY