Mr. Monet, the Perfect Dog for me

I decided in May 2008 that I wanted to adopt a little dog who could travel with me when I went to visit my elderly parents. I looked at many pictures of little dogs on Petfinder over the summer, but I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted and stopped looking for a while. By fall I had written a list of the things I was looking for in a dog - tiny, handsome, smart, etc. The next time I logged on to Petfinder I saw a picture of a little white dog with a brown spot on his head who was very cute and up for adoption from Rohe Animal Rescue. Aside from a photo and description, they had posted a video of Mr.Monet - only about a minute long but I could see how nice he was, wagging his tail and being sweet. They said he was a Chihuahua. I didn't know yet what a wonderful breed the Chihuahua was, but I decided to pursue this dog further. I filled out the application and the Rescue folks asked what I was looking for - when I gave them my list I think they must have had an idea right then and there that this might be a good match. They brought him to my house for a visit and the moment he got out of the car I was in love. Over the past few months he has blossomed. The best part is not only does he make me laugh in his own funny, charming way, but he loves me back. My parents love him too - it's great to see my 102 year old Dad laughing when Monet yawns and stretches out his tiny paws.
silk hope, NC