Muad Dib

When I lost Muad Dib I at age 14 (white Black Forest cat with gray tail and gray "mouse" shape on his head) I was devestated. But several weeks later, I felt the urge to find a red kitty, and a friend's sister had a cat who had had 4 boys. We went to see them, and she brought out 3 of the boys, 2 "siamese", 1 tabby, no red kitty. When I said I wanted a red baby, she reluctantly brought out a small bundle of screaming red kitty! The moment she put him into my hands he stopped yowling, and nuzzled for two hours asleep at my neck. She couldn't believe it, as he hadn't stopped howling since he was born. Needless to say, we brought Muad Dib II (the Red) home, and he's been my constant Reiki companion ever since -- Muad Dib I returned, with the same behavior patterns, and the same big heart and sweet personality. He's my treasure, along with my other 4 babies (we took 3 of the boys home with us, Sebastian (Siamese look-a-like), and Belgarath (the tabby). He sits each day with me when I send Reiki healing to animals in need, and he sleeps at my head or on my chest every night. He's my dearest companion.
Dr. Elizabeth King
Las Vegas, NV