Mulder & Mara

We are Mulder the tabby & Mara the Siamese!! We were rescued from the Visalia, California SPCA Via our first foster mom & the wonderful people at the Visalia SPCA. We joined our forever home as foster babies on March 25th 2016 at 5 weeks old, a day after our new parents' 4th wedding anniversary! Our adoption will be legal in mid-April when we turn 8 weeks old!! We are very Spoiled & love our new parents & the 2 older kitties who have taken us under their wing! We are still getting to know the doggy but he loves us too!! Our mom, who made an almost 5-hour round trip to get us, even works for a vet, where we get all our care!! We scored!!! 💖💙
Jennifer Almason
Modesto, CA