Murphy Bunny

My bunny, Buster, died of old age in 2007. I was devastated and wouldn't even think of getting another bunny. Several months passed and one of my friends sends me a link to A local animal shelter has a bunny whose time has ran out. He's been there over four months and they just can't keep him any longer. I drop everything and head to the shelter. Now usually they have you fill out the forms and then they schedule an interview and a home visit. They let me hold him, he climbed on my shoulder, started purring, I started crying and they said, fill out the forms, he's yours, take him home. And that's how Murphy Bunny came to my house. He is my bunny boy and my pride and joy. He makes me laugh every night when I get home from work, no matter how bad of day I had. He is currently being bonded with a girl who I named Madelaine. Hopefully they will live happily ever after, once they stop beating each other up! :)
Martinsburg, WV