When our older Wheaten Terrier, Daisy, became too old to play with our younger Wheaten, Shana became depressed. We decided to bring a new companion into our house for her but were limited because of allergies. My daughter and I went to our local shelter and the only dog that fit the bill was a very large AirDoodle that had been abandoned twice in his short life. My husband thought that we were crazy and Murphy was trouble from the start, eating shoes, molding and vertical blinds. The other 2 dogs wanted nothing to do with him but we didn't want to give up on Murphy and persevered. After about 2 weeks everyone settled in and now Shana and Murphy are inseparable. When we lost Daisy Murphy kept us all going. Murphy has the most wonderful personality and keeps us all laughing.
Wendy L.
Cocnut Creek, FL