Mutual Healing

I was battling my worse case of depression yet and had started counseling and meds yet still did not feel like myself. I read that having a pet helps with Depression and since I have wanted a miniature schnauzer for many years I started looking at local shelter websites. I spotted a picture of a miniature schnauzer with big, sad, scared eyes one afternoon and immediately headed over to the shelter to see her. She was already 6 years old, a bit older than I planned yet something about those eyes. When they brought her out she was so scared that she would not even walk. She would not look at anybody and just laid there shaking more than I had ever seen a dog shake. I reached to pet her and she flinched. The poor girl had been picked up as a stray and God only knows the abuse that happened to her before coming to the shelter. She has a healed, broken tail and a toe that looks like someone tried to rip it off. I decided right there that I would take her. I held her close as I filled out the paper work and told her over and over that I am going to take good care of her. I called her Precious because those eyes reminded me of the Precious Moments dolls. I was able to bring her home the next day and she claimed the spot right next to me on the couch and always wants to be right next to me. She gets excited when I come downstairs in the morning and when I get home from work. The wounded, scared dog has evolved into an exuberant ball of fluff who wants nothing more out of life than my company and my depression has been replaced with the joy of having something that needs me and loves me unconditionally.
Mary Maneewongwathana
Corona, CA