My Baby Al

This is my cat Alphonse.This cat was suppose to die the day after he came into this world. He was born two years ago in March on my mother's roof, inside a water-cooler. Where I live it was about 90 degrees, and since him and his brothers and sisters were in the water-cooler it was a bit hotter.. After me and my sister took him and his family down, my mother said they weren't going to make it due to being dehydrated because their mother wasn't at their side most of the time. So, I took care of them. Couple months passed and Al's siblings passed for an unknown reasons. The vet told me that Al wouldn't make it through the month. They said he was too young to find out what was wrong with him. But he told me that they could have gotten worms or AID’s from his mother. He was shocked he even made it as far as he did. He gave me medicine for them to take. After a month of giving him love and have hope for him. He is still alive and even to this day he is. Alphonse is my lovable cat that loves being on my shoulder and sleeping by my head.
Yuba City, CA