My baby girl

One very hot summer day many years ago my husband walks in and tells me there is a puppy at the end of the street. You know i'm going to go pick it up! i said. So i went down the street and there she was. She was scared and tried to get up and run but she was to weak. I picked her up and took her home. Gave her a bath and fed her.She was in bad shape. i had no intention on keeping her. I always called her "Girl" or "Girly" i didn't want to name her and get attached. i got attached and fell in love with her. We ended up just naming her girly it stuck and felt right. She was the sweetest dog ever she was very scared of new people she would hide and wouldn't come out until she felt comfortable with you. Fast forward about 8 years later she started being very lethargic along with other symptoms. So we take her to the vet get tests done come to find out she had a massive tumor on her spleen and was bleeding internally, we were heartbroken but weren't going to give up. We immediately took her to the emergency vet to have the surgery. She came home was doing great for about 4 days then she got lethargic again and we knew she was bedding internally again. We took her back to the emergency vet and got her scanned and its what we knew it was. We had two options, another surgery or let her go. I couldn't put her through another surgery again so we chose to send her over the rainbow bridge. Its been almost 2 years and i'm still very heartbroken, she was my baby girl and best friend.
April Darnell
San Antonio, TX