My BFF Sammy

Wander (14) on the left and Sammy (7 1/2) are both kitten rescues. Wander from a Walmart parking lot (she was left in the bed of my husband's truck) and six years later after our other cat Kitty passed, Sammy from a local pet store helping the local shelter. Wander is very laid back, has learned to tolerate her younger brother and just loves my husband (well, I do too!). Wander is either in constant motion or a complete stop, is very protective of his big sister (whether she wants it or not) and just loves me (as does my husband). We live in the country and have a cat door so we constantly receive presents, which luckily are deposited in our bathroom or tub. In 2014, I experienced some medical problems due to stress/menopause and Sammy became very good at helping me de-stress as he loves to be petted/brushed/played with/cuddled with CONSTANTLY. On March 8, 2017, it seemed to be a normal evening as our cats follow us around the yard while we're doing our chores. When I returned from being inside, Sammy was crouched near the house and growling. Thought it was a neighbor's cat bothering him but when he tried to walk, his back legs were paralyzed. After discovering his feet were cold, it was off to the emergency vet. A blood clot blocked the flow to his quarters and unfortunately, nothing could be done. I lost my best buddy that night and miss him so very much. We are so very grateful that we were home that night and that Sammy was close the house so he could be sent over the rainbow bridge quickly and painlessly. As my bumper sticker reads, RESCUES ARE MY FAVORITE BREED.
Sammy's Mom
Farmington, AR