My BFFeline, Bix

March 2017, I posted the story about losing my BFFeline Sammy (a rescue) suddenly. Our remaining 14 year cat, Wander (another rescue), let us know it was time to get her another friend as she continued to look for Sammy at all hours. Our local shelters and fosters were a great help as I had never "shopped" for an elderly cat and was told the hardest ones to integrate are rehomed ones. In almost to the day, in June, we brought home Bix, a female tabby version of Sammy! Her family was moving to England and needed a home. And yes, a rehomed one is difficult but she is warming up to us and while the cats aren't buddies yet, they aren't fighting which is a great sign. Food/treats are a blessing in helping the rehoming! Bix really has helped us heal and is quite a character herself!
Bix's new Mom
Fayetteville, AR