My Boys, Gus and Gibson

When I lost Tory, I didn't think I would be able to have another cat in my life. I had decided to get brothers if I did, but it was so painful to lose Tory that I refused to even look at pictures of kittens. Despite this, one Friday almost 2 years after losing Tory, seemingly against my own wishes, I went to, searched for male kittens, and saw Button. I fell in love. And, when I read that he had a brother also up for adoption and I saw his brother, Mr. Bigglesworth, I fell doubly in love. I couldn't stop thinking about them. The next day, I called the number listed, and drove an hour away to pick them up. Now named Gus and Gibson, my boys have filled my life with laughter. Gus is my joy, and Gibson is my heart. Together, they are My Boys, and I couldn't love them more. One and a half years later, they have grown into beautiful and loving cats, but they will always be my babies and I will always strive to be worthy of them.
Tulsa, OK