My Boys

Meet Bandit (dog on the left side of this photo) and Sammy (dog on the right). Both are rescues and this picture shows how well they get along. Though Bandit is younger, Sammy follows him around and will whine when Bandit is away. We've had a few dogs over the years but Bandit seems to hold a special place in my husband's heart, while Sammy prefers to be with me. I was reluctant to have 2 male dogs in our household, thinking there could be problems if they didn't get along but they play nice and even enjoy it when we invite other dogs over for play dates. Sammy and Bandit provide me with company and unconditional love. In addition to the exercise I get when we're out walking, they've helped me get to know my neighbors who stop to talk with me when we're out. I am blessed to have them.
New City, NY