My Brodie Kitty

I rescued Brodie (then named Gator) from an animal shelter in March 2006 after falling in love with his picture on the website. I picked him up in May, and he's been my favorite snuggle bug ever since. I love him just the way he is - which is hard sometimes. He loves my boyfriend and me because we are his owners, but he has trust issues with everyone else.... Brodie was the only surviver after being found near death with his siblings in a box on the curb. If he wasn't found when he was, he would have died like his brothers and sisters. His story touched me, and I had to have him. He is a little sassy and fiesty, but he will learn to love you if you give him the chance! He loves stuffed animals, cheese, and turkey. He also LOVES to steal my hair accessories and destroy them :-) I love taking cute pictures of him, and he even has his own Facebook profile! We are hoping to save another kitty once we have a bigger place, so Brodie will have a partner in crime!
Milwaukee, WI