One day when I was taking my son to Pre-K, these kids walked by carrying this adorable solid white kitten. I asked them if my son could pet their cat and they said that they had just found him on the way to school. I told them that I would take the kitten to a cat sanctuary that I knew of so that he could find his forever home. When I got home, my 3 oldest children saw him and immediately fell in love with him. Their dad was on a business trip so I made the decision that we were going to keep him. When the kids asked what we should name him, I said that he looked like my mom's old cat Cotton, so the kids thought that he should be called Cotton Junior, but I said that that was too long of a name for him so we just settled on the name CJ. When my hubby returned from his trip, he was upset at first but CJ grew on him and now he hangs out with our other 3 cats and our dog.
Krista Dupes
San Antonio, TX