My Cooky monster

We lost both of our dogs to old age in 2007and were heartbroken, and it was six months before my son decided that my wife needed a new dog buddy for her birthday. We went to the pound and after checking out all of the dogs, we picked Cooky, a Rhodesian ridgeback mix. We made a good choice, she is a really pushy member of the family who guards our house and makes us laugh with her craziness! When she gets excited, she runs at full speed around the house and when she wants to play ball, you'd better be ready to play or she will start making the weirdest noises until you give in! We love her and couldn't imagine the family without her now. Cooky is best buds with my wife, but she chose me as her person and is now my shadow. We call her Cooky monster because she has such a strong personality and is very pushy, but in a nice way. Please get all of your pets from the pound or from rescue groups, they will love you for it.
Lee Jenkinson
Canyon country, CA