My Daisy Sweet

This is Daisy. (1st pic is her when I first saw her and then her now.) She's my 3 year old rescue. At the time, our family had 2 dogs but I was really wanting a puppy. The pet expo was coming and I wanted to go, and my mom agreed. We got there and I saw so many cute dogs and I wanted to scoop them all up. But as cute as they were, I didn't get that "feeling" that I was expecting to get. So we went to our animal care and control and looked at all the dogs that were adoptable and I passed by a cage with 5 puppies in it. I was in awe! But I looked up and saw papers for them with the word ADOPTED written on each of them so I walked away thinking they already had homes. My mom called me back over and said that one puppy didn't have a paper and I looked down and there was my sweet Daisy girl. I ran to find someone who worked there and found out that she was not adopted. Heading up to the front to proceed with the adoption, we ran into someone who was putting her paper back up. A family was going to adopt her but then couldn't because of their landlord. FATE!! We got her the next day after getting fixed. And it's been 3 years on st Patrick's day since we got her and I couldn't be happier. She is my very best friend! She has some separation anxiety and is easily confused and isn't good in situations that have too much going on. So she is often a HUGE handful. But I think it was meant to be that she is here in our family. She curls up under the blanket with me and hugs me when I greet her after being gone. She is the sweetest ball of cute and has the best personality. Hard headed, stubborn, goofy, spacey, but soooo loving. I wouldn't give her up for the world!
West Palm Beach, FL