My darling Rosie

Two years ago I was ready to take in a rescue kitty after losing out oldest girl Poppy 3 years previously. I went on the website for our local rescue and seen her photo (cherish) . She looked so sad, and scared... I knew she was destined to come home, I rang Paul and he brought her the next day.... She was renamed Rosie Posie. She fitted in with our older girls Lily and Daisy immediately and it was as if it was destiny. In July 2015 she started acting weird with me , rubbing against my chest and acting distraught. I knew she was telling me something. My Oder sister had breast cancer exactly a year before. I rang and arranged a mammogram, totally clear , I then told the doctor about my Rosie, they did an ultrasound and found breast cancer. They couldn't believe it, it was early stages and she was so calm after that and stopped the actions she had displayed. I've now had a lumpectomy, chemo and currently undergoing radiotherapy..... She has literally saved my life ..... My Rosie Posie ... My Angel
Patricia Daglish
Gateshead, United Kingdom