After we moved into our mobile home and could have a small dog my son and I went to the local shelter to look for a chihuahua. We just loved my niece's little dog and wanted on like her. As we looked around my son spotted a fluffy orange dog. The dog was so sweet and seemed to instantly attach himself to my son and me. I, however, found a female chihuahua I liked, but the little orange dog stayed in my mind.We went to see an attendant and were able to spend time with the little orange dog. The other dog needed surgery so wouldn't be available for adoption. We had to enter a lottery for the cute little orange dog. At the end of May I received a call that we won the lottery. On June 1st I went and picked him up while my son was at school. At first he was timid and everything scared him. He was quick to snap at people, but he loved us. I began walking him early in the morning before work, then I went home at lunch everyday to take him for a walk, he had another walk when I got home from work and one before going to bed. It took several years before he calmed down and wasn't as scared of everything. My sister-in-law had said he was like the dog Tramp in Lady in the Tramp because he had no manners and bit people when afraid. We named him Skip because my son liked the movie, "My Dog Skip". Skip is now 14 and has developed kidney disease. He still seems very happy, but needs extra care. It breaks my heart that someday soon my sweet little pup will no longer be with us. Until that day we will treat him like a prince.
Marjorie Francis
Upland, CA