My Florida babies - George and Callie

While visiting Florida we experienced a major down pour of rain for a long period of time one night while we were out to dinner. When my partner and I returned to the condo, we heard distressed crying coming from the bushes. It was the sound of kittens. I tried to find them in the pouring rain but was having no luck, but wasn't ready to give up. Finally through the pouring rain, I was able to locate one kitten and ran him into get warmed and dried off. I went back out and didn't hear anymore cries but decided to look further as I thought I had heard two kitties. Finally, I saw her she was laying face down in the water and was lifeless. I scouped her up and took her in, she was barely hanging on, but finally started coming around. We searched for the mother, but it was to no avail. Being concerned for these two little babies, I took them to the vets to make sure that they were okay. Thankfully, the vet said they were doing good. Being an animal lover, and after getting clearance from the vet, we decided to drive back to New York with them. It was my intention to rehab them and get them the necessary things they needed and them finding them their forever homes. That was three weeks ago and today they are romping and playing and following me around when I let them out of their nursery, which consists of a play pen with a cover......I can only imagine what would have happened to these babies if my partner and I hadn't pulled up when we did. The only thing I am sure of, they bring us joy and we love them to bits and they have their forever home and that is with us.
Deborah Usmanu
Cohoes, NY