My gift from God, an answer to a prayer

When I moved into my apartment, my landlady told me NO PETS. We live at the end of a dirt road where people dump their unwanted pets. I had been very depressed and asked God for a pet. Soon, a black-looking, skinny cat started coming around. I started feeding him. He eventually responded to my attempts to lure him to me. One day, I was singing a made-up song about loving kitty cats, and he bumped his head on my hand. Come to find out, he was really dark brown and a very rare Havana Brown breed! I had just seen a show on Animal Planet about Havana Browns. I called him "Havana" and he responded immediately, so, that's his name! He is God's answer to me. I asked my landlady again and she said I could keep him! I am one happy lady with my rare Gift From God.
Athens, GA