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Having lost my 18yo 'tigger' to Cancer in 2013 i was desperate to fill the huge void he had left. My son and i searched local re homing places to no avail. That is until august 2013 when we came across Patch and Sox, their owner had died and they had been in the shelter for a year, seems no one had wanted to home 2 cats together , We brought them home 2 weeks later. Patch has proved to be a 'clingy' cat who wants nothing more than food and cuddles and wants to be with you 24/7.he 'talks' to me, all the time. Sox is a little more reserved, but loves evening cuddles and to kneed every part of your body.she has finally decided 'talking' is good! it's been over 2 years now and everyday they show us how lucky we are to have found each other. My furbabies are here until they break my heart and walk across the rainbow bridge. hopefully not for many many years to come !!!
Catherine Griffiths
tavistock, United Kingdom