My Gracie Mae

Oct.2007-My fiance & I had just bought our first home together & we decided to go ahead & paint every wall we wanted to paint before we moved our furniture in. We were working at the house one day when our heater went out & we had to call someone to come & fix it. While the workers were there they knocked on our door to tell us that our dog had gotten out of our fence. Jake & I both looked behind us to see the only dog we owned, our yellow lab, Buddy, was in the house. I went outside to find a 30 lb. scrawny dalmation/german shorthaired pointer mix. She was bouncing around the yard like a deer. She immediately won my heart and I hers. I got her some food and water and she slept inside that night. The next morning we took her to the vet & she was given all her shots and a clean bill of health with strict orders to put some weight on her skinny body. March 2009-My Gracie Mae is now 52 lbs, the biggest lap dog, LOVES to cuddle, is very possessive of her Mommy, loves to sit in front of the fireplace, loves to talk to me & loves to smile! She is one of the best things that has ever happened to me!! I love her and will cherish her for as long as we have together! She is Mommy's little princess!
Clarksville, TN