My Guardian Angel

I found Waverly in New Waverly, Texas at an evening antique auction in a warehouse near railroad tracks. She was appx. 3 months old and bloated with worms and very hungry. There were alot of refinishing chemicals around. I was worried for her safety with trains and poisons. She was begging for attention and wanting someone to pet her. After the auction, my boyfriend and I hated to leave the pup. The auctioneer said he would find a home for her. When we arrived home after midnight, we called the auction house. No one took her home so we we drove back to New Waverly (1 hour away) at 1 AM to bring her home. She has been the greatest protector and companion anyone could ask for. She even saved me from a potential bad guy on biking trails! Instead of me being her angel, she has been mine for the last 14 years and counting.
Karen Kawszan
Spring, TX