I found my little Chinese Crested then referred to as Daphne, on Pet Finder. It only took a few minutes to decide that she should be named Honey since she is just that sweet. She was rescued and fostered in West Virginia from a bad situation and came to me full of issues. Her spirit was "damaged" and body very emaciated. She was trembling with fear and cold because of starvation so I put little blue jammies on her and she loves wearing them! We're working on her issues and taking baby steps. The poor little girl is so afraid of everything that she has to be carried through the back door to come in the house and can't even trust a toy enough to play. With love, food and lots of comfort she's coming around. She has finally bonded with me and fits in with my other Chinese Crested. It breaks my heart that a breeder could consider such a precious little girl a piece of property and not give her the love and attention needed for survival. The love she gives in return is immeasurable. I highly recommend going to a nearby rescue when you're ready to find your next four legged "best friend".
Dunbar, PA