My Hound Dog

Why anyone would want to leave a slightly grown puppy on the side of a highway in hot Arizona in the late summer? I don't know, but the pound picked him up and that's how I got my Copper. He was my "baby boy". We've been best friends since I first looked into that cage at the pound and saw him looking sickly leaning on the side, not even wagging his tail like the others begging to be adopted. "How about him?" my mom asked as we looked around." I like him," I declared to my mom at just 3 years old. He seemed to be the one who needed us the most. Turns out he was allergic to the food they were feeding him and that's why he was so sick. Copper was my life's companion. He has been through everything with me, from braces, divorce, moving across the country, boyfriends and breakups, to sending me to college, he's been my rock. He started out as a bad dog but turned into the best dog. During his life, Copper taught me so much. First about love because I never knew I would be capable of loving this much, and second about life; that it is lovely and sweet and valuable. I watched him quickly go through being a young pup, rebellious teen, middle-aged man, and my wise "old fella". I miss him so much and can't wait until I see him again, alive and wagging his tail to see me, eager to be petted as always. I believe that everyone should have a pet like Copper in their lifetime. He has only ever given and taught me love. I dreaded the day loss came, but I will never forget him. Not for one second. He's my best friend.
Amanda Lawrence
Charleston, SC