My husband needed an Angel--so we rescued a four-legged one!

Missing his 3 children severely and being unable to see them for various reasons, I suggested to my husband that we get a puppy so he could put his thoughts 'somewhere else'. I looked in the newspaper and found a listing for 'free pit bull puppies'. We went to the house and three puppies were there all vying for our attention. A little girl was holding one that really got our attention and after holding her and playing with her a bit, we decided that she'd be the one we took home. Right when we were about to leave with the pup, the gentleman told us her name--Angel. How ironic! What a perfect name for a dog that would go on to help my husband (and me) get through some tough emotional times. She's a breed ambassador and a loved member of our family. God sent us her way to rescue her and in return, sent us an Angel!
Kelley Stewart-Lahr
Muncie, IN