My "KFC" Kitty!

I saw him scamper from the front of the restaurant towards the back. A swoosh of orange and white. A small swoosh at that. I followed and up a tree he went. I told him I would be right back with some chicken for him, but when I came out, of course he was gone. I returned later that day with a trap borrowed from a friend who does animal rescue. After setting it with some delectable tuna, I left. I spent a few hours wondering if I would be successful, and to my delight, he was indeed inside when I came back just before dark. He was named Biscuit, after first trying "nugget" on for size. He has come a long way from the scared kitten he first was, and will let me pet him and we are learning to like a comb too! He loves playing with another of our strays - they chase each other back and forth and up and down! What a face!
Sarasota, FL