My Liffey

This story isn't about heartbreak, or even trauma. I had recently split with my long-time girlfriend, with whom I had three cats. She "got custody" of the girls. After a while solo, I decided I needed a new companion. I went up to our local SPCA to look at some fuzzy heads. I had the choices narrowed down to a nice tabby with one eye, and a pretty orange tabby. I was talking to the volunteer about which I was going to choose, when Liffey reached out of her cage and pawed at me. I said, "Well, I guess I've been chosen." Liffey is a goofball, who is the most interactive cat I've ever met. She found a piece of zip-tie in the garage, and it's her favorite toy. She likes to bring it to me to play. At all hours. I ended up getting two of our three cats back, eventually. Liffey gets along pretty well with both of them. All good fuzzy babies. This pic cracks me up. She's "The Most Interesting Cat in the World."
Blue Springs, MO