My Little Bit

I found Little Bit sitting in the street with a look of "I give up" on her face. She wasn't moving out of the street so I got out and asked around if she was anyone's pet and nobody claimed her. I had a feeling she was taken to this place and abandoned as this happens a lot around this neighborhood so I took her home and introduced her to the other 3 dogs and 2 cats at the house. Yes, I can never pass by and do nothing to help a person or an animal in need... When there was no response to the ads or the flyers we went to the vet. She was about 9 months old weighed only 12 lbs. I had her spayed, got her shots, and she spent the next week either asleep in my arms or hiding behind the outside garbage can because the other 3 dogs were a lot bigger and she wanted nothing to do with them. Eventually she stood her ground and she became life long friends with our yellow lab puppy. I hate stories that end like this but I loved her, spoiled her, she hit the doggie lottery, and lived until she was 12. She had a heart condition and I spent every hour and every dollar to save her but I couldn't save her. She passed away laying next to her best bud in March of this year. I still cry sometimes but I know we'll meet again. #lovedmybits
Vancouver, WA