My Little Bug

This beautiful cat was hanging around my house for over a month. One day, looking out my window, I saw him playing with the leaves, and realized that he was a kitten (albeit a large kitten) and needed a chance in life even though my resident cats wouldn't see it that way. Long story short, I decided to give him that chance and, since he had learned how to use my cat doors to come inside and eat, it was a pretty easy transition...for me. Since he was feral, I trapped him and took him to the vet to get him neutered and have his shots. He tested negative for all diseases and he is now the newest resident of my now 5 cat household. Since he learned to use the cat doors early on, he moved inside right away to escape the cold and rain. Since then, he has come around nicely. After only a few weeks inside he rubs on my legs when I am preparing the cat food in the morning and he knows where all the dry food and water stations around the house are. I have been able to pet him for about two days now and today he let my husband pet him too! He obviously has his fears and stressors, but he's loving it inside the house. He has never hissed or swatted us and my vet even declared him to be a "nice cat for being feral." Since he's only about 9 months old, I'm hoping my other cats will warm up to him. However, even though he is young, he is very big and definitely an alpha male and my resident 20 lb alpha male cat doesn't appreciate this "trespasser." Nor do my other cats. I have no doubt that they will work it out over time. As you can see, he likes to sleep surrounded by his toys.
Sacramento, CA