My little Chew Monster

I answered an online ad, September 2016, about a 10 month old shi tzu/schnauzer mix. When I got to the house, where the little dog lived, the owner came out with him and shoved him into my arms. Then the man started gathering all of his doggy things and shoved those into my arms as well. I immediately felt that he had poop plastered to his butt, he was under weight and his body was completely covered in mats. I decided right then that the pup, I named Chewy, was coming home with me. The first thing I had to do when I got him home was give him a bath and get the poop off of his butt. When I picked him up from getting groomed they told me his nails were so long that some of them had grown into the pads on his toes. I found out he hadn’t gotten all of his shots and he needed to be neutered. I am so glad I took Chewy home that day. He quickly became friends with my Black Lab, Lou. Sadly, I lost Lou on valentine’s day 2017 to cancer at 10 years of age. Chewy helped me through the grief of losing my big boy. He has given me so much love and entertainment since I adopted him, I can’t imagine life without him and how boring it would be.
Carol A.
Ogden, UT