My Little Dragon

I lost my last girl, Kasey, in Feb 2011 and it took 4 years for me to be able to get my next dog. I'd vowed to adopt one from my local rescue and I was finally able to contact them and see if they had any pups available. They had 1. She'd been found at the end of a hiking trail in the middle of the Northern Australian 'Wet' season in a national park by 2 hikers. They took her to the vet and she estimated that she was around 2 weeks old. There was no Mum or siblings found so how she got there is a complete mystery. It was touch and go for a bit but her fighting spirit showed and she thrived with her Foster Mum. I fell in love with her as soon as I saw her photo and after consulting the vet I was allowed to take her home at 5 weeks. I love the 'Eragon' series by Christopher Paolini and I'd vowed that my next female pet would be named Saphira, after the dragon. She's referred to around here as a 'Kimberley Special' due to her parentage being a complete unknown. I decided her 'birthday' would be January 26th as that's the day we celebrate being Australian and my girl is certainly as Aussie as it gets. She will be celebrating her first birthday in 4 days and I'm so glad she's in my life. I was so grateful to the people who run the rescue group because if they hadn't been around the outcome for Saphira would've been completely different. I have become a foster for the local rescue group so that another canine or feline can get the same second chance at life that my Saphira was given.
Alison Renton
Kununurra, Australia